Maxwell Morais A log of everyday life

Less customers can mean more profit!

Yesteday I, my boyfriend, my uncles and my cousin, we decided dinner in a small restaurant, in the North zone, of São Paulo city, because the climate was propense to eat soup, and in this place they are promoting a Soup Festival.

We leave our house around 21hrs, we take around 15 minutes to reach this place, there is a small place, but they can put up, around 35 persons!

When we reached at this place, has a small queue in the outside, of some persons waiting to dinner!

In the first table was a group with around 15 persons (40% of the capacity of this place). I and my uncles started talking about how the economy is goind bad, how are being hard to make business etc., due the crisis, we talked around 45 minutes, and in some times looking inside of the place, and other times, to the people that join or leave to the queue!

Since we reached at this place, the group in the first table, was not consuming anything, just talking about the life, the childrens, the job, some one making some jokes etc.

And some persons leaving the queue, because the time and the hunger!

The time still going, with we in the queue, taking a look into this flow, the persons talking in the first table, some persons joining, waiting and leaving the queue! We are waiting for 2 hours, to get a table free for us. But while we are in the queue, we count around 40 persons leaving the queue, because has no free places to they dinner in this place.

So, this ruled our talks, about:

Sometimes, as a good business manager do you need decide, if you want more customers or more profit!

Of course, we are in the business world, trying to look to the profit! But many times, we can have the wrong thought: “If I have more customers, of course I will have more profit!”. So do you decide start the marketing of you business.

And the customers begin to come, but do you dont have a nice place to receipt all, and do a separation between the people that only need dinner, and the people that is in your place to shoot talks in the breeze!

Each potential customer that go out of the queue at last night, probably not return, and maybe will do bad recomendations about this place!

What is sad! Because is a nice place, they have everything to make success, but the customers in this place prevent this from happening!

So before of start a new campaign, take a special look, if you will can receive all persons, and the most important, what is the target of this campaign! Because earn a new customer is much more hard than lose they in the queue!