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Invoice as Orders resume

In the service market segment, is very common that the companies open various Orders during the month to a customer, and in the end of the month, generate a single Invoice.

Thinking about this, I made a small change for one of our customer, but that will increase a lot your productively!

How do you can see in the below image, the customer issue a various service orders in a week, to each customer

Sales Orders to Bill

The Accounts Manager, two times per month issue a invoice, to each customer, the major issue, in this case is.

The Accounts Manager, need get all Orders in a single Invoice, and in ERPNext it is very hard to get!

So, we introduced a small button called Bill Issuer in the Sales Invoice, this button opens the below Dialog.

Bill Issuer

The Accounts Manager, select the customer, and wait the list of Orders Pending to Bill, so, with this, the Accounts Manager, selects the Orders that him need in the Invoice, and click in the Bill button, and get the Invoice issued with the most important information to the customer.

This is a silly change, but for the customer, represents a lot of time earned, that him can invest in the management of they business, instead of get blocked by a bureaucratic UI.