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Open-source don't means Free

I’m not the most active user of the ERPNext community, and I’m not the most apreaciated, I know it and I’m not worried!

Is really nice know that ERPNext Teams is working since 2008 to keep ERPNext stable, feature-rich and the most important open-source!

But periodically emerge in the community some developers that don’t understood yet the concept of the Open Source and the concept of Community. I fell that they think that Open Source means free, but this is not the truth! Anyone is paying in some way to it be free, putting money, time, knownledgement etc.

One community is made by persons, that have your own life, and still having time to help the others! Open source, is made by the persons in these communities!

When I faced with these developers, that think that the community is here to serve they, ti saddens me!

I do not understand how anyone can think that investing time or money on training can be a waste, even before venturing out to try a free-lance work!

It is sad that selfishness does not allow some people to see that, win together is better than competing alone! But I believe that tomorrow will be a better day than today!